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Real Leather Twist Coin Purse

A twist coin purse for carrying all your coins.

With this coin purse, you need a twist to open and a twist to close.

A nice simple design. 

Made of leather.

Will last you a long long time.

Cute size.

This twist coin pouch will nestle nicely at the corner of your handbag or briefcase, or inside your pocket. It will not open on its own. It will open only if you twist it like the top of a jar.

Some of you may like to use this coin purse as a small wallet. Fold the money and put them inside it.

This coin purse will remind you of how nice the smell of real leather is. Imagine it in your hand and when you bring it near your nose, that special smell of leather! Such quality you will find quite rare.


Brand: Real Leather

Material: Leather, cow hide

Closed dimensions: 8 cm High when open x 8.5 cm diameter.

What else have we put in the coin pouch?

Our high quality workmanship.
It may be hard to believe but you need to see the coin pouch to make sure we have stated correctly. 
So that's another good reason to buy it now.

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Real Leather Twist Coin purse in Leather, Twist to open, Twist to close

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Product code: CPTwist
Simple and timeless design. Twist pouches like these keep coins under control in pockets. Just squeeze or twist the pouch to open, and twist it back to close when you are done. No metal zippers or springs to stick or break. Eliminates all the digging for coins in the bottom of pockets and purses.

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