Real Leather’s entire satchel bags range is built upon a foundation of durability, by merging luxurious, naturally hard wearing materials. Used here are butter-soft leather, which come adorned with burnished signature hardware. Our durable Leather Satchel bags are ideal for both weekdays and weekends.


Real Leather Satchel bags are inspired by sentiments of British heritage. People call them old school satchels. Folks still remember running to school carrying a leather satchel that looked similar to these ones here. Brings nostalgic memories of days gone by.

The classic vintage looks of these satchel bags gives them their distinctive identity. Then you look beneath the classic vintage surface and you discover distinctly modern features, packed with all the requirements needed for an urban lifestyle.

We have created our own versions of these must have Leather Satchel bag at a much affordable price than any other on-line store. Compare, if you do not believe us. Some branded satchel bags are made from just smart leather-look PU or PVC, called faux leather. They even cost more than our Satchel Bags, made from Vege-tanned cowhide leather.

When you look at these Satchel bags on-line originally you may think that they will not hold much, But when you see them in front of you, it will be proven wrong. The inside of these bag are really spacious, so much so that they can hold a lot of stuff. The opening of the bag is via two magnetic buckles and the bag strap is also adjustable via an adjuster. The front of the bag features a zippered pocket which is perfect for holding a phone and other smallish items. The design of the bag is simple but it still has the ability to highlight any outfit. You will get a lot of use out of this satchel bag throughout the year.

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