Consider these facts

Consider these facts before you click away from this page. Even if you do not buy from us - consider these factors when you go anywhere to buy a wallet or a bag of any kind.

All our products are Real Leather
First of all, is the wallet or bag made of leather? Good quality natural leather will become soft and supple with use. On the other hand PU or PVC wallets, basically plastic, become brittle with use and start breaking or chipping away. Now-a-days a lot of branded wallets and bags are made of PU or PVC. There is no point in paying a premium for a plastic wallet, just for the brand. Unless, you are a big fan of a particular brand.
Products designed with YOU in mind
We carry plastic cards inside our wallets. It is always good to check if the wallet will fit cards; it is easy to pull out the cards out and to put them back. Sometimes the card slots are so tight that this simple task seem so difficult, that you start hating the wallet. Then the wallet is of no use any more.
Good Quality Accessories makes big differences
If the wallet has a zip pocket or purse, then the next thing to check is the quality of the zip. YKK, a Japanese company makes the best quality zip. So if your wallet has YKK zips then you are sure that you got the best. What happens when you have sub-standard zips? Frustration. A leather wallet will last you a long time. If the zip in the wallet breaks or is not functional any more then you are not able to use the wallet properly at all. It is then a waste.
Products that are designed to work for sure
Lot of wallets does not close properly. Especially when you have just bought a nice new wallet & you have put everything in it. And then you find that the wallet is not shutting at all. How annoying would that be? Frustrating too! So when you purchase the wallet just make sure that it will shut after you have put all your stuff inside it. OR. Maybe the wallet has a feature that will ensure that it will shut when you need to.
Practicality with Class & Style
Wallets should make it easy for owners to locate their money, photographs, credit cards, membership cards, and business cards. Wallets should be designed in such a way that their contents are easily accessible and properly organized. Let's not forget that although wallets are practical and may not be noticed as much as other accessories, they can still be fashionable and stylish. Wallets usually do not change styles with the seasons. It is better to choose a more classic style wallet and one that help access cash and credit cards easily, while still conveying class and style.
Feedback from YOU
We collect a lot of feedback from our customers. Then we put those feedback and ideas in reality. We incorporate all these end user opinions in all our future designs. So gradually our products evolve to the taste and requirement of our customers' need. We always keep YOU in mind!
We deliver on time, everytime
We make every effort to ship orders on time. We use Australia Post services to post out products within Australia and also overseas. With all our parcels there is tracking. You get immediate online information as the parcel is booked. So you have peace of mind after you purchase from us.